Beach Santa!

It’s the last big holiday of the summer season, so I thought I would post a Santa which I made for a close friend of mine.  She had requested a beach Santa – she loves living here in Virginia Beach, even if we aren’t right on the ocean!  We live about fifteen minutes away – close enough to drive to the surf, and far enough away that we don’t get overloaded with the usual resort traffic.  We have enough of our daily traffic as it is!

This Santa is approximately seven inches tall, and to keep him from looking too formal, I sculpted him with a big of a swagger.  Naturally, since he is Santa, his net had to be red!  He has gathered quite a few examples of aquatic life in the net, among which are starfish and scallop shells.  He is not for sale, since this was a gift, but I am happy to make a similar one if you are interested!  Just contact me !  Thanks for looking!


2 Responses to “Beach Santa!”

  1. jackie Says:

    ginny….your santa is darling. your a great friend…what a lovely gift :) thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such kind words….it helped a lot!! have a wonderful weekend~jackie

  2. dani Says:

    A real gem my dear! Not surprising at all.

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