Who eats in the dining room?

Since entering the wonderful world of art, a bazillion years ago, there was always one dilemma, regardless of what my projects happen to be.  WHERE do I put things?  My kitchen table has long since been given over to my creativity, and things seem to drift from room to room these days.  During the weeks of run up to a show, things migrate all over the house.  Here’s just a peek at the dining room table – cluttered though it may be, it’s still progress!  We eat on tray tables………….


8 Responses to “Who eats in the dining room?”

  1. Sheila Says:

    You sure have a lot going on!!!

  2. Lance Says:

    wow, looks like a little factory in there! i’ve managed to set a little studio in the laundry room so i’m a little better about this now lol!

  3. Ginny Says:

    I kinda get carried away. I work on one thing, and that makes me think about another thing, and on and on. I am trying to get a huge inventory built for a show in November. It is the Craftsmen’s Classic Christmas Show in Richmond, Va. They hold it actually just outside Richmond at the raceway. Should be over 400 exhibitors, so there will be lots to see which translate to lots of competition! Yikes! I have to be up to the challenge!

  4. Marie Patterson Says:

    You’ve been one BUSY woman!!! Happy October 1st!! Come have a peek!

  5. dani Says:

    Wowza Ginny!! I sooo wish I could work like that. I sculpt 1-4 pieces at most and I have to move on to painting them to life. I always love WIps..thanx for showing!

  6. Ginny Says:

    Hi Gals! Production in full swing here! It comes from years of practice when I put Matthew through college and grad school. Flaps down, shoulder to the grindstone, focus on the objective! Whew! It can wear you out! I’m not 60 anymore! Come to think of it, I will be 64 in three weeks! Yippee! I’ve worked hard to get here!

  7. Laurie Hardin Says:

    Ginny—wowieeeeee!!!! You have had your hands in some clay there girl!! I have 8 pieces going and it is about all I can manage, but you are putting me to shame!! Can’t wait to see the group with paint on them!! Thanks for the peek.

  8. Sheryl Says:

    Oh Ginny! I can relate! I have half sculpted pieces spread all over as well! My grandson comes over and follows the trail from piece to piece naming them. Looks like you have some wonderful things going on!

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