A Perfect 10 !

Yes, in the world of competitive ice skating, you cannot beat this charming duo!  Although the little bear cub is a bit tentative about his role in this, he is still going along with Santa!  This is one of twelve new Santas I have just sent to Reasons to Believe.  Take a look at their wonderful site!  And, be looking for the new pieces to be posted on my page there soon!  Enjoy!

How about a close up!

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4 Responses to “A Perfect 10 !”

  1. Lisa Nelson Says:

    This is adorable, Ginny! Very imaginative and sweet!

  2. Carrie Murtha Says:

    Oh my, TOOOOOO cute!!!! I LOVE how your mind works, dear Ginny!

  3. Ginny Says:

    Thanks, ladies! I love doing Santas with animals!

  4. Jenny (thepolkadotpixie) Says:

    He’s wonderful. There is a clear expression of joy on his face. So perfect for Santa!

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