They’re up!

Yes, my Santas on Reasons to Believe are now all pictured!  Yay!  I had sent twelve more recently, and showed a couple of closeups on the blog.  Well, now you can go to the Reasons to Believe link and see each piece, as well as different camera angles to boot!  This is a wonderful place to be!  I am thrilled that they have accepted my work!  Take a few minutes and follow the above link to my pages.  Enjoy!  And, here are a few teasers!

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3 Responses to “They’re up!”

  1. sheila Says:

    Looking good! May you sell many this year!

  2. brandi mckenna Says:

    They look great! Congratulations Ginny!!

  3. Sheryl Parsons Says:

    Wonderful new pieces Ginny! I have some exciting news for you so stop on by!



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