Oh boy! Oh boy!

Tonight’s the night! Spookytime Jingles updates tonight AND we have the first of the Holiday Hootenannys for this year!  Yay!  In addition to all of the customary Halloween and Christmas pieces which we create throughout the year, the artists will be featuring some Valentine’s Day items as well!  Just to get you started thinking, here are a few of my surprises!

Ever heard of a winter witch?  Well, perhaps there is one in your future….

Or, how about some Valenteenies?

Or, perhaps a little smooch in the snow?

Ok, maybe just a quiet continuation of the snowy season………

They will all be there at midnight!  See you then!  Enjoy!  :-)   Ginny

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4 Responses to “Oh boy! Oh boy!”

  1. Laurie Hardin Says:

    Great work for the update Ginny!!

  2. Sheryl Parsons Says:

    Love the paintings Ginny! You are so talented in so many ways!

  3. Ginny Says:

    Thanks ladies! I sure do appreciate your comments!

  4. Manas Says:

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