Holiday Hootenanny coming up!

It’s time for the Spookytime Jingles update, and for this month and the next, we will have a special added feature – Holiday Hootenanny!

The artists will have special Easter related items for you, in addition to our customary Halloween and Christmas which we celebrate throughout the year.

Here’s a look at what I will be offering for the Hootenanny – two rabbit totems!

I will be creating some different totems with animals whose characteristics you might find you share!  You’ll have to check out stj tomorrow night around midnight Eastern time to find out if you or someone you know is like a rabbit!   A small clue – you are able to move quickly, even in the face of danger!  Wow!  That’s certainly a good quality!

Also, for my stj update, I will have Halloween and Christmas……..

So come on over to Spookytime Jingles on Friday night around midnight Eastern, and see all of the holiday goodies from our artists!  I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed!  Thanks for looking!

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3 Responses to “Holiday Hootenanny coming up!”

  1. Jackie Says:

    These are sweet Ginny!!

  2. Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups Says:

    Precious as always!!!

  3. hemroid treatment Says:

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