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A brand new opportunity for me!

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

I am excited to announce that I have joined a wonderful group – Artistic Halloween Queens Uniting – AHQU, and my first piece available through them will be February 1 – just a couple of days from now!  The Queens have a Bootique – don’t you love that name?!  I will be a part of it, and will have updates the 1st of every month, and then in July, we update on the 15th as well.  Isn’t that grand?!  One  great place to find terrific Halloween art throughout the year!

I will be offering a piece I worked on last fall, called Up the Hill.  Here are a couple of pictures to stimulate your imagination!  This is a 10 x 12 mirror, the frame of which is done in a bas relief.  I have sculpted the scene onto the frame, so there is a lot of depth and detail.Hope to see you at the Bootique!  :-)  Ginny

Pfatt marketplace update this evening!

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

It’s cold, it’s windy, and it’s January!  Yeow!  And, it is time for my first update of the year for pfattmarketplace!  This piece is a 4×4-inch gallery wrapped canvas with two little kitty sweethearts, basking in the glow from a heart-shaped, and slightly rosy-toned moon!  I wanted to do a canvas with a Valentine’s theme, but not so filled with hearts and flowers that you wouldn’t display it all year.  The canvas is entitled Valentine smooch, and will be available when we update around midnight Pacific Coast time this evening.  I hope you will come and join all of us for some New Year’s eye candy!

A wonderful opportunity!

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

Good morning, and Happy New Year to you all!  I don’t make resolutions, but rather just hopeful thoughts for any given new year.  I say to myself that I will try to be a better person, that I will do more of the necessary but mundane things such as cleaning the house more regularly (AGH!), and that I will try new things.

My wonderful mother had a piece of advice which I wish to pass along to all of you.  When I was a little girl, she told me to do what I enjoyed on New Year’s Day, because that would be what I would be doing all year!  So, I would draw and paint and read!  Sounds exactly like my plan for today   — oh, add in there – eat some chocolate!  Yes!  I hope you all take Mom’s advice and do what you enjoy today!  Have a wonderful New Year, and I will be back blogging soon – not a resolution, but a firm commitment!