They are finished!

Remember a little while ago when I posted the dino teeth which are part of the headpieces I am painting for the Norfolk Generic Theater’s production of the musical Enron?  Well, wonder no more about how they fit into the big picture!  Here is a before shot of the dino assembled, but unpainted…..

ok…….here’s a pic of the inside of the mouth – still a little work that I had to do to clean up the teeth, which, by the way, now are fully painted, even with washes of goldish brown to resemble tartar!  lol!

And now……………….

I’ve since gone back in to knock down the brightness just a bit with some washes of brown.  I was figuring that the lights would be pretty dim for the production, so the enhanced highlights on the heads would be necessary, but apparently, they won’t be, so now they are just a bit less contrasting in color.  I am spraying quite a few applications of a fixative, in the hopes that it will keep things in tact and lookin’ good!  After all, they have to make it through numerous rehearsals before the actual production!  Wow!  Stay tuned for more theater news!

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3 Responses to “They are finished!”

  1. lisa Says:

    Great! Love the colors and everything….Way To Go

  2. Ginny Says:

    Thanks Lisa! They were a lot of fun! Never have ventured into dinos before! At times, they sorta frightened me! I knew they were plastic, but those teeth! EEEKS!

  3. Jessica Downward Says:

    OK!!! These are EXACTLY what I have been looking for! Would you be willing to make these to sell??? PLEASE contact me!!

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