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Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

If any of you caught last Sunday’s 60 Minutes, you will have seen a story about this organization.  It was featured as a result of a larger story about a young returning veteran who committed suicide.  So often, we do not see the scars of war unless they are obvious – broken bones, burns, a missing limb.  The shock of being in combat has to be something from which recovery can be tenuous.  Ride2Recovery is a program designed to help our wounded vets to help themselves through cycling.  Your donations are always necessary and always welcome.  Please visit their site and learn more about them.  I did, and I’m certainly glad that I did!

My Christmas gift to you – a lovely article

Friday, December 24th, 2010

Meet Carlo Garcia.  He is not rich, but the spirit by which he lives makes him wealthy beyond description.  He is making a difference through small but significant ways, by giving each day to a charity.  He does not have a vast inheritance, nor does he have a seven-figure salary.  Please follow the link to the article about him, and think about how you might make a difference as well.  In this country, there should be no one hungry, no one homeless, no one desperate to eek out an existence.  We can all make a difference.  I wish all of you contentment and peace, and the good health to enjoy it now, and in the coming year.


Billion dollar giveaway!

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

When I read this story online this morning, it gladdened my heart.  We don’t hear enough about real people who make real differences, and this article which is online from Newsweek magazine simply lets all of us know that one person always has, always can, and always will make a difference.  Read this delightful story of Pete Peterson, the son of a Greek immigrant, who made his fortune by establishing the Blackstone company, and now would like to share his wealth.

There are SO many ways!

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Yes, it is true.  There are so many ways you can make a difference in someone else’s life, thereby making a personal difference in your own life.  If you look on my blog under Places You Should Know About, I have listed some organizations which I feel are worthwhile – organizations making progress, even by small increments, to help those in need.  It seems to me that in our bustling world, in our own communities, we can be caught up in the woes of the current economic crisis, the negative news which bombards us.  Take a step back, and look at the opportunity for YOU to make a difference.  I am a firm believer that one person always has, always can, and always will make a difference.  Even $25, or smaller, can be significant to a struggling entrepreneur in impoverished circumstances elsewhere in the world, to a public school  teacher who needs extra supplies for  a class project,  to a mother who needs medication for her children.  Please look at Kiva, Wish Upon A Hero, Donors Choose, and the other worthwhile organizations I have listed.  Every person is valuable.  We cannot afford to lose anyone.  It really is true – when you give, you receive so much more in return!  Try it!  You’ll like it!

HO, HO, HO! Merry Christmas!

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Well, ok – so it’s the end of February, we just finished up Valentine’s Day, and St. Patrick’s Day isn’t even here yet.  However, The LEAP Foundation’s fundraiser IS here!  This Saturday, at the House of Blues in Los Angeles, you can enjoy food, music, and auctions to benefit Camp Max Straus locally, and micro lending to  female entrepreneurs in developing nations around the globe.  Please look at my previous posts – I am on a campaign to spread the word about my son’s beautiful fiancee, Joan, and her efforts, as part of the Foundation, to help others.  I am donating original, one-of-a-kind pieces to be auctioned off so that the Foundation may continue its philanthropic work.  Take a look at the Christmas and winter pieces!  And remember!  All of us can make a difference in our own communities.  It just takes a few people of like minds who are willing to work and give of themselves.  Imagine if each and every one of us did this!  What a wonderful world this would be!

Boo! Eek! Ooohhh!

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

It’s spooky, it’s scary, it’s downright thrilling!  These are my Halloween pieces which will be up for auction at The LEAP Foundation’s fundraiser this Saturday in Los Angeles at the House of Blues.  My past several posts have been about the foundation, its efforts, and the fundraiser, so check back through and find out all about this wonderful organization and its good works.  If you are in the Los Angeles area, you know what you can do – you can ATTEND!  If you are not in Los Angeles, you can DONATE!  Yeah!

More hippities!

Friday, February 20th, 2009

It’s true!  More Easter pieces to show you!  This is the collection which will be auctioned off at The LEAP Foundation’s fundraiser on February 28th.  My previous posts will give you more information about this important event.  There are links to the event, as well as to the Foundation, and to Camp Max Straus.  If you are in the Los Angeles area, you will really enjoy attending!  After all, it IS at the House of Blues!!!!!!!! Yeah!

Hippity Hop for LEAP!

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

If you have followed my last two posts, you know about The LEAP Foundation, and the upcoming fundraiser to be held February 28th!  Just in case you haven’t read my recent blog entries, take a moment to get up to speed about this great event!  My previous two entries will tell you all about it!

I had posted the wip bunnies which will be in a silent auction, and now, I am happy to write, they are completed, and on their way to California!  Take a look!  They will be part of an Easter collection, which will be included in a larger holiday package to be auctioned for charity.  I will be posting pictures in the next few days so that you can see everything which will be available.  If you are in the Los Angeles area,  I urge you to attend this fun event!  There will be food, fun, music, and auctions – all to benefit The Leap Foundation, whose philanthropic endeavors help community efforts as well as female entrepreneurs in developing nations around the globe.    Now, for the unveiling…….

Enjoy!  If you would like to have a piece for yourself, please drop me an email at the following address: and I will be happy to make one for you!  A portion of all sales which result from my postings of the auction pieces will go to The LEAP Foundation!  This is a great opportunity: they will receive the auction proceeds AND additional contributions through orders placed through me!  This is a win-win scenario!  Be checking my blog for the next ten days to see what other pieces of mine will be available!

wip for LEAP

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

If you read my previous blog entry, you will find out about The LEAP Foundation, and my connection to it.  I am donating holiday pieces – Easter, Halloween, and Christmas, to be auctioned off to benefit the philanthropic efforts of the Foundation.  Here’s a little peek at some of the bunnies going west to Los Angeles this week!  Be sure to read about LEAP, follow the links, and think about what you can do in your own communities!  And, of course, if you are in the Los Angeles area, by all means, go to the fundraiser on Saturday, February 28th at the House of Blues!

The LEAP Foundation

Friday, February 13th, 2009

For you regular followers of my blog, you know that my son is now engaged to a wonderful woman, whom we adore – Joan Kelley Bierman!  I wrote about their engagement at Christmastime, and posted a picture of my favorite couple in the wholewide world!

Joan is a part of a wonderful organization, The Leap Foundation, a membership of professional women, whose defined mission is one of service to the community through philanthropic ventures.  This is a true example of the ability of individuals to make a difference, and particularly to have an impact when joining together.   Their upcoming fundraiser is Saturday, February 28, 2009, and a portion of the proceeds will benefit The Foundation for Camp Max Straus.  The Camp’s goal is to serve the underserved children in the Los Angeles area, and to date, more than 43,000 children have benefitted from positive summer experiences.  The fundraiser will be The City of Refuge Gospel Brunch, featuring the internationally known  City of Refuge Sanctuary Choir.  This is a not to be missed event, so if you are in the Los Angeles area and want to go to the House of Blues to enjoy wonderful music and to help others, click on the links and get more information.

One of the most important outcomes of the work which LEAP does is the micro lending to female entrepreneurs in developing areas around the globe, so that these women may take charge of their lives, and the futures of their families and communities.  If you cannot attend the Gospel Brunch, you can always make a donation.  You don’t have to live in Los Angeles, or even in California.  Follow this link to make a donation.  It really is true:  giving comes back to you in countless ways.  You have helped others, thereby helping the community of man.