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My new etsy site!

Saturday, October 27th, 2012

Please come and join me at my new etsy site!  Lots to see!  All holidays!  Enjoy!

I have an interview!

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Nice news for me!  Lisa Nelson, an artist friend of mine – a wonderfully talented lady, asked me recently to complete an interview for her blog series.  It is now posted, and you can visit with this link: .  I think you will enjoy it!  It’s filled with pictures, and since I can be sorta chatty, you get a lot of that as well!  So, please check out the interview, and while you are at Lisa’s site, look around!  She is such a terrific artist!  You are sure to see lots to enjoy!

American Holiday Artists Studio Marketplace Debut!

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Here’s my blog giveaway to celebrate the opening of the AHA Studios Marketplace!  He’s a sculpted jol on a mini canvas, and comes with his own easel!  READ ON!  See how you can win this original piece of artwork from me, and find out how to win from our other artists as well!  OH boy!

We have a wonderful lineup of talent for you!  I specialize in sculpted pieces from papier mache, and various clays, as well as a lot of illustration work for companies with whom I am licensed.  I’ve been at this for a looong time!  You may have purchased something I designed in garden flags, figures, rugs, textiles, Christmas cards ….well, I am now branching out into needlepoint canvases as well.  You never know where I will pop up next!  Here’s more about our group………..

We’re three years old, and today we launch our marketplace to expand the horizons for you, our collectors!!  Our artist members offer fresh one-of-a-kind, heirloom-quality seasonal and holiday theme art—from hooked rugs, to whimsical papier-mâché characters, cloth dolls, folk art, fantasy art, paintings, one-of-a-kind ornaments, artist patterns and more!  This is brought to you, directly from the artist’s studio to your home year round, made with you in mind, by award-winning and respected artists.

Visit American Holiday Artists Studio Marketplace at .Opt in and subscribe to our mailing list and receive our free monthly newsletter-you’ll keep up with new monthly-artist members, new work, artist challenges and future events. New arrivals featured the 25th of each month.

And for weekly updates, drop in at our blog:

To launch us on our artistic journey with you, we are taking the theme of The Christkindlemarket in Europe where all things are possible for the holidays………….

You stroll among the tents where artists have displayed their work, so stroll through our artists’ blogs, leave a comment on each one, and perhaps you will be a winner of original artwork!  All you have to do is leave a comment, and each artist will announce the winner on September 12th.  The artists have all silently picked a random number of a comment, so if your number comes up, you will be the happy recipient of their creation.  It’s that simple, and that much fun!  So settle back, relax and begin your stroll.  The list below shows you the participating artists in our market blog giveaway.  Look on my blog roll, underneath the logo for American Holiday Artists, and you will find the links to their blogs..  You can do your hopping thing, leave comments, and have a chance to win fabulous original work from some terrific artists!  So, leave me a comment, continue your journey, and enjoy our launch!  Thanks for looking!

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It’s time to party!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Good morning, and welcome to the wildest party going today!  A Fanciful Twist is hosting this wonderful event, so check out her blog, and start your journey, or I guess, continue, if you are already here!

Welcome to my garden!  Mine is not the traditional fare – I have interesting visitors, not just today, but every day!  Be sure to scroll to the end of this blog entry, because there is a lot to see!

Dawn breaks over the marsh behind my house.  You can barely see our picket fence – it’s really open to visitors 24/7, and you’ll see why………

Usually the first visitors to my garden are the mallards.  They fly in or swim up to the bank, and make their way to the yard where I have tossed out corn the night before.  Or, they share food at my makeshift feeding station, on the outside of the fence.  If the tide is out, it’s a long walk to the yard, especially when they bring their babies.  The ducklings cannot fly as yet, so they must be exhausted when they finally arrive.

Squirrels are usually the next visitors.  You can see a stepladder in the picture.  I am called a wildlife enabler by my friends.  I put the stepladder against the back of the house (this is the kitchen window, in front of which I sculpt and paint all day).  The squirrels and raccoons (night visitors)  climb up the ladder to eat what I put out for them.   If I am not watchful, and all of the black oil sunflower seeds are gone, the squirrels will knock on the glass and look inside.  Boy!  They have ME trained!

An overnight shower has given way to a beautiful morning, and the impatiens are luxuriating in the rain and sun!  Aren’t they gorgeous?!

The heads of my everblooming hydrangeas are drooping a bit from the rain, but they will pop up strong as the day wears on.  This variety gives me blooms throughout the summer!

It’s late afternoon, and the geese are strolling slowly up the bank from the marsh, babies in tow.  My!  How they have grown, but they aren’t ready to fly as yet, and so they must walk here.  The nest must be fairly close by…….. Even though they are large, they still make the same sweet noises as they did when they were just a few weeks old.  Usually, one parent always stands guard while everyone else eats.  And, if you get too close to the babies, the parents hiss!  They know me now, so they trust me to take their picture for everyone to see.

Early evening finds my friendly little muskrat.  For those of you who have not seen one, or do not know of their existence, muskrats   are of the rodent family, marsh dwellers.  I would describe them as essentially beavers with rat-like tails.  They don’t build lodges, but rather burrow into a bank.  They are vegetarians, but this little guy enjoys the dog food I put out for the raccoons.  He’s an amiable little fella – great whiskers, delicate little paws, but I bet his teeth are something else!  He likes the watermelon, but prefers the dog food, and will eat right along side the raccoons.   I wish I had a picture of the raccoons eating with the possums who live on the marsh.  It’s an excellent example of species being able to get along without strife.  There is plenty of food which I provide, and so they see no need to fight for something to eat.

The last visitors to my garden party are the baby raccoons.  When they are large enough to be learning about their environment, the parents bring the kids to visit in our yard.  At night, you can see them playing in the moonlight, and you can also hearing the parents giving them instructions, particularly if one strays off in the dark.  Ah Nature!  isn’t this grand!

Well, there you have it!  My garden party which I offer for your enjoyment!  I wish you all could be here to enjoy my backyard, nestled against the marsh.  I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and our home is tucked away in a subdivision which is bordered by bustling traffic on one side, and this tranquility on the other.  We moved here 36 years ago, and think we made the right choice.  Our vista is a gift every day of the year.  I hope you have enjoyed it as well today!

Please come back and see me, look at my artwork, visit the sites where my work is available, and visit the many places I have listed on the blog.  You won’t regret your adventures!  And, please let me know how you liked the party!   :-)   Ginny

Mad Hatter Tea Party tomorrow!

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Ok everyone!  if you participated in this last year, you know what fun it is to hop on the internet and visit lots of blogs!  Tomorrow is the annual event, hosted by A Fanciful Twist !  There is a LOOONNNGG list of places to visit tomorrow, so go to her blog, check it out, and start making your rounds!  I’ll post my little party tomorrow morning!  Yay!  See you then!

Puppy tweets!

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Yes, it seems Twitter is going to the dawgs!  Love it!  Take a look at this article I found online this morning.  What’s not to love?  Enjoy!  I look forward to the expansion of this concept – following migratory birds, cats in action – the four or five hours during the day when they are not sleeping, or perhaps a hamster on his wheel!  The possibilities are ENDLESS!

Let’s par-tea!

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

Today is the day for the big tea party – the brainchild of A Fanciful Twist!  Here’s the link to her site, where you can see the blog roll of everyone participating!  Such fun!  And, here’s my contribution to the party – my brownie recipe.  This isn’t just ANY recipe!  Oh no!  Actually, this was on the back of a Baker’s unsweetened chocolate box many years ago.  For some strange reason, it didn’t stay on there very long, but I cut it off of the box, and it is in my cupboard at this very moment.

Here’s your visual treat, and it’s up to you to try them!  I guarantee you will like them!  Enjoy, and party on!


1 package (8 squares) Baker’s unsweetened chocolate

1 cup (2 sticks) butter or margarine

5 eggs

3 cups sugar

1 tablespoon vanilla

1 1/2 cups all-purpose floour

2 cups coarsely chopped nuts

Melt chocolate and butter in saucepan over very low heat, stirring constantly.  Cool slightly.

Beat eggs, sugar and vanilla in large mixing bowl on high speed for 10 minutes.  Beat in chocolate mixture on low speed.  Add flour, beating just to blend.  Stir in nuts.  Spread in greased 13×9-inch pan.

Bake at 375 degrees for 35 – 40 minutes.  Cool in pan, then cut in squares.

This is to die for with ice cream and hot fudge sauce!  Yeah!

Did someone say party???????

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

Yes indeed!  The 2nd Annual Mad  Tea Party gets underway on June 27th, and the brainchild is A Fanciful Twist!  This is going to be great fun!  Here’s the poster for it, and here’s the link to join all of us!  When you go to A Fanciful Twist, you will see the partygoers listed on the party blog roll!  What a fun way to hop around the internet and meet new friends!  Enjoy!  Get out your party hats, and check back here!  I have a scrumptious surprise for you!  YUUUMMMMMMM!