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It’s his birthday!

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

Yup!  That’s our son, Matthew, on his wedding day last year, July 10, 2010.  Today is his 40th birthday, and he is on his delayed honeymoon with his beloved Joan.  They are in Italy!  Yay!  Our family is blessed to have them in our lives!  Happy birthday honey!  xoxo, Mom and Dad

Mr. Popper’s Penguins opening today!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 17th, 2011

It’s here!  Wow!  I’ve been hearing about this movie since last year, when my wonderful daughter-in-law, Joan, began to work on it.  She loved watching the dailies with Jim Carrey and the penguins – those lovable little creatures who populate this story.  Joan is a post production supervisor, which means she keeps the production work moving along to the conclusion which results in a finished product.

Many people have asked me what exactly IS a post production supervisor, so, I found an article online from, and have posted part of it here….

Post Production Supervisors are responsible for the post production process, during which they maintain clarity of information and good channels of communication between the Producer, Editor, Supervising Sound Editor, the Facilities Companies (such as film labs, CGI studios and negative cutters) and the Production Accountant. Although this is not a creative role, it is pivotal in ensuring that the film’s Post Production budget is manageable and achievable, and that all deadlines are met. Because large amounts of money are involved, and most of a film’s budget is spent during Production, the Post Production period can often be difficult and challenging.

The Post Production Supervisors’ role can be stressful and requires ingenuity, empathy and the ability to make tough decisions under pressure, while working long hours, to tight deadlines. Some Post Production Supervisors may be involved on a number of films at one time, but usually work on 3 or 4 films a year. They are employed on a freelance basis, by the Producer, often also with approval from a Completion Bond Guarantee company. They usually work alone, but on larger productions may employ an Assistant.

What is the job?
The role of the Post Production Supervisor varies according to the type of film and the budget. On big budget films using complex CGI (Computer Generated Images), they start work during pre-production, liaising with the CGI Company and ensuring that the Producer is aware of all the creative and budgetary considerations and how they may impact on the post production period. On smaller budget films they also advise about any limits that may need to be applied to the shoot, as well as providing an overall picture of what can be realistically achieved in post production. Most Post Production Supervisors also liaise with the Editor and Producer (and sometimes the Director), about the hiring of post production personnel (Sound Editors, Titles Designers, Mixers, etc).

During the post production process, they work closely with the Production Accountant, supplying accurate information for the Cost Reports, which are prepared every 3-4 weeks and show how actual expenditure compares to the original budget. Post Production Supervisors work with the Editor, Supervising Sound Editor, and Re-Recording Sound Mixer throughout post production, making sure that each different stage of the process is delivered on time and within budget. They usually continue to work on the production until all the elements needed for the completion of the film are delivered, including the Music and Effects version which allows the dialogue track to be replaced with different languages.

That’s our Joan!  Nearly one year ago, she married our son, Matthew. My husband and I are the most grateful parents in the world!  We love Joan and her family, and they love him.  What could be better than this?

I hope everyone will go to see this film!  Remember to look for Joan’s credit at the end of the film!  It will be:

post production supervisor    Joan Kelly Bierman

Go Joan!  That’s our girl!

A wonderful opportunity!

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

Good morning, and Happy New Year to you all!  I don’t make resolutions, but rather just hopeful thoughts for any given new year.  I say to myself that I will try to be a better person, that I will do more of the necessary but mundane things such as cleaning the house more regularly (AGH!), and that I will try new things.

My wonderful mother had a piece of advice which I wish to pass along to all of you.  When I was a little girl, she told me to do what I enjoyed on New Year’s Day, because that would be what I would be doing all year!  So, I would draw and paint and read!  Sounds exactly like my plan for today   — oh, add in there – eat some chocolate!  Yes!  I hope you all take Mom’s advice and do what you enjoy today!  Have a wonderful New Year, and I will be back blogging soon – not a resolution, but a firm commitment!

Christmas treats for everyone!

Friday, December 17th, 2010

This morning, instead of purging the house of dust, I am opting to make some treats for some doggy friends of mine.  Here are the yummy bones right before popping them into the oven.  The house smells delish!  I have used some organic beef broth, and the aroma is driving me nuts!  Well, that’s a short trip, but anyway……..enjoy the pic!  Perhaps, if you try really hard, and you lean into your computer, you can smell them!

PFATT news!

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Beeg news for this monthly, everyone!  I will be the featured artist when pfatt marketplace updates tonight around midnight, Pacific time!  You’ll be able to read a bit about me, about my work, and about my family – even a family pic of my husband, son, and moi when  we celebrated at Matthew and Joan’s wedding this past July!  Yes!

And, as a sneak peek, here’s one of the goodies I will have ready for you on the update……….

My little caroling snowman is getting into the holiday spirit!  See you tonight, and please join all of the wonderful artists on pfatt as we launch another month of exciting art!  A special thanks to my friend, Sandy Wood,  whose brainchild is the marketplace!  She offered me this lovely opportunity to be featured, and I am thrilled to be asked!  Thank you, Sandy, and thanks to all of you who continue to support my work!


Wednesday, August 18th, 2010
their wedding day

their wedding day

This is beautiful!  This warms my heart!  This makes me cry!  Yes, here are Matthew and Joan, moments after the ceremony.  It took place on Saturday, July 10th, and so many of you have been asking about pictures!  Matthew tells me that they are going through three boxes of proofs, and then, of course, there will be the digital proofs as well.   I haven’t seen what must be hundreds of images taken, but this sums it all up for me – the setting, the event, deep and abiding love.

The photo was taken by the son of one of the groomsmen, and I think it captures the essence of the day.  It was a tranquil, private setting in the Santa Monica Mountains at the Ahmanson Ranch.  This parcel of land is part of the California state parks system, and provides a vista which really sets the mood for a wedding.  Joan was radiant in a lovely halter wedding gown, with a small veil over the left eye.  After the ceremony, she removed the veil and wore a jeweled clip – she is class personified!  Matthew, well, what do you say about the son whom you adore?!  I thought I could hold together, until he came out with the guys, and there he was in his tuxedo – tails and striped trousers.  I then cried, momentarily, as I thought about the baby I had held in my arms, the toddler who had stopped breathing, the child who had so many operations on his ears, the teenager who became an Eagle scout, the college student who went on to get his Master’s Degree in film, and the man who now is a successful movie editor in Hollywood.  OH MY!

Matthew has married Joan, the love of his life – a beautiful (inside and out!), talented, accomplished woman who takes such good care of him, and he of her.  She enriches our family life, and her parents are wonderful, nurturing folks.  Her family brings much to our family – the warmth, the friendship, the lasting relationships.  I have so much to be grateful for…..


Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

It seems as though it has been forever since last I posted – that’s because it HAS been a long time!  I need to catch you up…..

My computer began to die on me the evening of July 6, just two days before Harry and I were to leave for our son’s wedding in Malibu!  I couldn’t upload pics to Spookytime Jingles, I couldn’t write anyone to tell of the predicament, so I just shut it down, and the next morning, went to a Mac specialist, and I am now the proud owner of a Mac!  YES!  I just picked it up two days ago – the guy was transferring what he could from my old pc, and now I am trying to learn how to do all of this wonderful stuff on a computer which seems to like me!

We had a lovely trip to California, and the wedding was magical!  So many lovely people to meet, but so little time to spend with everyone!   The wedding was held at the Ahmanson Ranch, which is part of the California parks system.  We traveled up a winding, dusty, bumpy road to reach the ranch house for the rehearsal.  The location is quite remote, peaceful, and perfect for such an event.  After our rehearsal, we all headed back to the Renaissance Hotel in Agoura Hills, where we had a wonderful Mexican buffet for the wedding party and all out-of-town guests.

The morning of the wedding, Joan – now my daughter-in-law!  yay! – had arranged for professionals to do hair and makeup, so the ladies descended on Joan’s suite for the morning.  We all emerged looking pretty classy, if I do say so myself!  About 3 pm, it was off to the ranch, and at 5:30, the wedding began.  Officiating was Joan and Matthew’s yoga instructor, Julian – a delightful, gentle soul.  After the vows to each other, Joan and Matthew were officially Mr. and Mrs. – married under a beautiful tree on the backside of the ranch house.  We then moved right along to a cocktail hour, and then dinner – on the grass, and eventually, under a blanket of stars!  In the distance, you could see the lights from the San Fernando Valley, but we were all to ourselves…..It was magical!

Now that I am back on the East Coast, and slowly returning to reality, I am getting myself in gear for updates and fall shows, so I will be working solidly up to Christmas.  You can go to my Flickr site to see some Santas I am sending to Reasons to Believe, and  please be checking back for more news!  There will be plenty!

Here’s the link to the wedding site- there is one lovely picture which has been posted.  It was taken by Dave Thomas, one of the groom’s men.  The view is what you see just beyond the wedding tree!  Enjoy!

It’s time to party!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Good morning, and welcome to the wildest party going today!  A Fanciful Twist is hosting this wonderful event, so check out her blog, and start your journey, or I guess, continue, if you are already here!

Welcome to my garden!  Mine is not the traditional fare – I have interesting visitors, not just today, but every day!  Be sure to scroll to the end of this blog entry, because there is a lot to see!

Dawn breaks over the marsh behind my house.  You can barely see our picket fence – it’s really open to visitors 24/7, and you’ll see why………

Usually the first visitors to my garden are the mallards.  They fly in or swim up to the bank, and make their way to the yard where I have tossed out corn the night before.  Or, they share food at my makeshift feeding station, on the outside of the fence.  If the tide is out, it’s a long walk to the yard, especially when they bring their babies.  The ducklings cannot fly as yet, so they must be exhausted when they finally arrive.

Squirrels are usually the next visitors.  You can see a stepladder in the picture.  I am called a wildlife enabler by my friends.  I put the stepladder against the back of the house (this is the kitchen window, in front of which I sculpt and paint all day).  The squirrels and raccoons (night visitors)  climb up the ladder to eat what I put out for them.   If I am not watchful, and all of the black oil sunflower seeds are gone, the squirrels will knock on the glass and look inside.  Boy!  They have ME trained!

An overnight shower has given way to a beautiful morning, and the impatiens are luxuriating in the rain and sun!  Aren’t they gorgeous?!

The heads of my everblooming hydrangeas are drooping a bit from the rain, but they will pop up strong as the day wears on.  This variety gives me blooms throughout the summer!

It’s late afternoon, and the geese are strolling slowly up the bank from the marsh, babies in tow.  My!  How they have grown, but they aren’t ready to fly as yet, and so they must walk here.  The nest must be fairly close by…….. Even though they are large, they still make the same sweet noises as they did when they were just a few weeks old.  Usually, one parent always stands guard while everyone else eats.  And, if you get too close to the babies, the parents hiss!  They know me now, so they trust me to take their picture for everyone to see.

Early evening finds my friendly little muskrat.  For those of you who have not seen one, or do not know of their existence, muskrats   are of the rodent family, marsh dwellers.  I would describe them as essentially beavers with rat-like tails.  They don’t build lodges, but rather burrow into a bank.  They are vegetarians, but this little guy enjoys the dog food I put out for the raccoons.  He’s an amiable little fella – great whiskers, delicate little paws, but I bet his teeth are something else!  He likes the watermelon, but prefers the dog food, and will eat right along side the raccoons.   I wish I had a picture of the raccoons eating with the possums who live on the marsh.  It’s an excellent example of species being able to get along without strife.  There is plenty of food which I provide, and so they see no need to fight for something to eat.

The last visitors to my garden party are the baby raccoons.  When they are large enough to be learning about their environment, the parents bring the kids to visit in our yard.  At night, you can see them playing in the moonlight, and you can also hearing the parents giving them instructions, particularly if one strays off in the dark.  Ah Nature!  isn’t this grand!

Well, there you have it!  My garden party which I offer for your enjoyment!  I wish you all could be here to enjoy my backyard, nestled against the marsh.  I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and our home is tucked away in a subdivision which is bordered by bustling traffic on one side, and this tranquility on the other.  We moved here 36 years ago, and think we made the right choice.  Our vista is a gift every day of the year.  I hope you have enjoyed it as well today!

Please come back and see me, look at my artwork, visit the sites where my work is available, and visit the many places I have listed on the blog.  You won’t regret your adventures!  And, please let me know how you liked the party!   :-)   Ginny

Aren’t they adorable?!?!

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Matt and Joan

Oh yes, oh YES!  This is my son, Matthew, and his wonderful fiancee, Joan Kelley Bierman!  They have been together since meeting while they were working on the film  Scooby Doo II, and as Joan’s mother and I love to say – a dog brought them together!  They will be married July 10th of this year, at the Ahmanson Ranch in California – a lovely natural area which is currently owned by the state.  This will be a wedding for the ages – good family, good friends, beautiful setting – I couldn’t be happier for them.  We are head over heels for Joan and her family, and feel so very blessed that she and Matthew have found one another!    Stay tuned – there will plenty of terrific pictures of the BIG DAY!

Can you see him?

Saturday, December 19th, 2009

It’s Saturday morning, here in Virginia Beach, and we are feeling strong effects from the raging coastal storm which is dumping snow even thirty minutes west of us.  So close to the ocean, we are warm enough that we won’t have snow until this evening – rats!  The tides are running about three feet above normal, and when I looked out my back door this morning, I saw one of the many beautiful water birds waiting patiently for some minnows.   We have egrets nesting behind our house, and they inhabit our wetlands throughout the year.  Great flocks of Canada geese can be heard, particularly in the evening, and we have wonderful raptors – a bald eagle, several harriers, red-tailed hawks, and the occasional falcon.  I’ve blogged about my little masked friends before – plenty of raccoons in the evening, and then during the daytime -songbirds, squirrels, and a gray fox or two. If you look closely, you can see a squirrel sitting on the tree stump this morning.  I put food out there each day, along with filling feeders and laying a spread of goodies on a wooden plank on the other side of the fence.  The night feeders come to the plank, AND to my kitchen window!  Just too much fun!  If you are a Nature lover, my backyard is Heaven!

This morning’s visitor is fully grown, so I would estimate his size at close to three feet tall, with a magnificent wingspread!  I wish I were a camera-savvy person, so that I could capture one in flight as it takes off from the marsh.  I guess we’ll have to leave that for the National Geographic channel!

Hope where you are you are safe, warm, and content!  Winter has arrived here!