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Get to USArtQuest….NOW!

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

Yes indeed!  USArtQuest is THE place for the most terrific, innovative products I have seen in a VERY long time!  When I attended the Hampton, Virginia Art and Soul Retreat (see my previous post!), it was my thrill to sit for literally HOURS at Sue’s demo spot and learn about the fabulous products SHE has developed!  And, I write that SHE has developed them.  Were I to describe them in one word…..well, I cannot use just one word!

Let’s see………beautiful acrylic paints made to the highest standards, MICA Color – sparkling Mica and pigment watercolor paint which even works over BLACK – it does!  I saw it!  She has metal leaf, Craze and Crackle Paste,  Artist’s Cement in both light and heavy for your varied uses, Great Tape which has to be seen to be believed – what you can do with this!  She has mica in assorted sizes and uses, metal leaf, and, and…..well, it is seemingly endless!  She even has projects, techniques, and webisodes on the site!

Go the USArtQuest site and take a look at the exciting products and the myriad of uses!  It doesn’t matter what art form you enjoy!  Sue has something for everyone in the art world!  Believe me!  I watched many demos, and I heartily recommend Sue’s products!  You know how it is when you see some sort of infomercial on tv, and you think to yourself – oh yeah, sure……Well, I can tell you that this is the real deal!  I have seen the products, felt the finished pieces made with these products, and have talked with other artists who have used them.  You owe it to yourself to dip your creative toe into this pool of creativity!  You will not regret it!  Can you tell that I am enthusiastic about it?!  You betcha!  Enjoy!