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Pfatt marketplace update today!

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Yes indeed!  It’s time for the update!  I’m in my Halloween mode, so here are a few little goodies coming your way when we update at 10 am pacific, 11 Mountain, noon Central, and 1 pm Eastern time!  Join us at pfatt marketplace for all of the fun.  Follow the link, and be sure to refresh the page!

Update for pfatt marketplace!

Sunday, August 10th, 2014

Available now, on pfatt marketplace, four new witches!  These are my adaptation of roly poly figures, which I am calling ROLLIES!  Stop by pfatt marketplace and see them all!

Welcome to my Christmas in July sale!

Sunday, July 27th, 2014

Good morning, and thank you for stopping by!  I hope you will enjoy looking through my sale items, and perhaps you’ll find something which you would like to purchase.  Here is the procedure for the sale:  The price reflects a 20% reduction in the original price, and all sales have free shipping within the continental US.  Please email me with your choice(s), and when you do, please indicate the email used for paypal.  In the event that there is more than one customer who wishes to purchase an item, the earliest email will have that item, and others will go on a waiting list.  Payment is to be made through Paypal, and I will invoice you.  Your follow through with the purchase must be made within 24 hours.  If I do not hear from you, and if there are others on the waiting list for the item, I will move to the next customer, or simply return the item to available status.  I have done this sale information in segments, so as to make it an easier view.  There is a lot of winter/Christmas – well, it IS Christmas in July, but there are some other pieces as well.   Hold on, everyone!  this is a BEEEEG sale!  And, I have secretly chosen one piece which will be free to the customer!  This is a SALE!  The online doors will open at noon Eastern time , Monday July 28th, and run through Friday, August 1.  I know, I know.  It says Christmas in July, but I’m overlapping!!

EVERYDAY pieces ……… all items are made of paperclay and or papier mache, painted with acrylics, and sealed for protection. Please email me at:

Baby robins: 4 1/2 inches long, 2 3/4 inches tall $36.00             ginny@ginnydiezelstudios  SOLD!  thank you!

Molly and her babies  6 inches x 2 3/4 inches  $36.00

ginger and white tabby 10 inches x 4 inches   $44.00

You’re mine calico, and Cattitude tuxedo 8 inches tall   EACH $36.00

Flower child and Good kitty cats  EACH $36.00

Birdie paperweights  3 1/2 inches tall, made of a heavier weight clay  EACH $12.00 Bluebird is SOLD!  thank you!

Bunny with his bouquet 5 1/2 inches  $24.00

Roly Poly Uncle Sam 7 inches tall $44.00

Ready for more?  Let’s go!!!!!!!!!!!

CANVASES  all are wrapped canvases, painted with acrylics, and sealed for protection.  With a wrapped canvas, the back of the piece has a “ledge” of wood for hanging.  The deep cut canvases can stand on their own!  Wowzer!  You can put them anywhere!

DANCE birdies deep 8 inch wrapped canvas  $28.00

Balloon bunnies – 6 inch deep wrapped canvas $24.00  SOLD!  Thank you!

SING 6 inch deep wrapped canvas $24.00

LAUGH 8 inch deep wrapped canvas $28.00

Love me, love my cat 8 inch deep wrapped canvas $31.00  SOLD!  thank you!

Bunnies in love  6 inch deep wrapped canvas $24.00

GROW 8 inch deep wrapped canvas $28.00

Dancing buddies 6 inch deep wrapped canvas $24.00

DANCE 8 inch deep wrapped canvas $28.00

WOO HOO!  A few HALLOWEEN goodies!

Night riders 8 inch x 10 inch wrapped canvas, suitable for hanging or leaning  $39.00 SOLD!  Thank you!

Macbeth who?  5 inch x 7 inch deep wrapped canvas  $33.00

Pumpkin kitty with his mousie 10 inches tall  $47.00  SOLD!  thank you!

Pumpkin princess with her kitty  5 1/2 inches tall   $24.00

Pumpkin guy sculpted atop an old bobbin from a New England mill  10 inches tall   $31.00 SOLD!  thank you!

Winter/Christmas coming on the next post – just to give your eyes a break!

Coming on Monday, September 16th!

Friday, September 13th, 2013

BEEG news!  Coming on Mondays, September 16th, I will be having my first ever huge sale in my etsy store!  Everything will be 30% off!  Yes!  EVERYTHING!  In order to take advantage of the sale, you will need to use the coupon code :  SEPTEMBER2013 when checking out.  The sale will begin at 9 am Pacific time, 10 am Mountain time, 11 am Central time, and noon Eastern time.  It will run through September 23rd, at 8 pm Eastern time.  So, hop on over to my etsy store, and see the items which will be offered at a huge discount!  I have to clean out for new pieces to arrive for the fall and winter, and you will be the beneficiaries!  Yay!  Here are a few pieces which will be available.  I’ll have all holidays, as well as everyday pieces included.

See you on Monday, but don’t wait until then to look around.  I’ll be adding pieces all weekend in preparation for Monday!  Have a great weekend!

All he wants to do is dance!

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Did you ever have a dancing partner you just couldn’t let go of?  Perhaps I have recreated him this month!  Here is my offering for the

Queens’ Castle Bootique which will update tomorrow, March 1, with the AHQU – Artistic Halloween Queens Uniting.

This guy just cannot keep his little feet still, and who can blame him?  He has sparkling green shoes!  And, they match the hat band on his top hat! And, oh!  that grin!  He’s a happy fella for sure!

Be sure to stop by and visit the Castle Bootique, where Halloween is always in style!  We update tomorrow, March 1!

Arriving tonight!

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Come see all of the goodies tonight around midnight, Eastern time at Spookytime Jingles!  See you there!

My first online class!

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Woo Hoo!  Yes!  It’s true!  My first online class begins September 24th at That Creative Place!  Lisa Gatz, the creative guru behind this wonderful site has asked me to begin to create classes for her.  She is interested in broadening the scope of classes, in that she would like to have a variety of looks to the pieces.

My first class is a Halloween candy container.  This is a basic class in which you will learn about the use of materials around your home which you can use to make a festive addition to your Halloween decor!  If you have some paints and brushes, a little glue, and some sort of container, I bet the only thing you will need to buy is Creative Paperclay, if you don’t already have it.  You’ll learn an easy way to cover a container, and how to make a smooth surface on which to sculpt further and to paint.  By using average supplies which don’t break the bank, you can be on your way !  There are three lessons, and the class price os $20.  Please stop on by this  link and take a look!  Thanks!  And, here’s the finished product!

And the winner is……..

Monday, September 13th, 2010

The winner is JoLynn Nilson!  Yes, JoLynn was the lucky winner of my giveaway for AHA Artists Studio Marketplace big launch on August 125th!  Congratulations, JoLynn!  And to all of you who visited my blog, as well as those of my fellow AHA artists,a big thank you!  Stay tuned, because there will be more fun pieces available this month when we update!

Where’s the rest of her?

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

You might be asking that question, since all you can see is legs and shoes.  Well, she is the newest witch I have created with my own papier mache mix and paperclay, and she is available about midnight tonight Pacific time on pfattmarketplace!  Come on by and check her out!  See you there!

New Pfatt Marketplace offering tomorrow night!

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

It’s been a while for me to get back into a regular rhythm of blogging, posting photos, etc.  Between the pc dying, our trip to California for our son’s wedding, and catching up on deadlines, life has been sorta crazy!  Now that I am settling back in, I wanted to post a pic of my latest creation – my Happy Little JOL which will be available on pfattmarketplace tomorrow night around midnight, West Coast time!  I am making my own papier mache these days – love the feel, love the texture, love the look – hope you do as well!  Check in tomorrow night and see all the goodies!