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It’s his birthday!

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

Yup!  That’s our son, Matthew, on his wedding day last year, July 10, 2010.  Today is his 40th birthday, and he is on his delayed honeymoon with his beloved Joan.  They are in Italy!  Yay!  Our family is blessed to have them in our lives!  Happy birthday honey!  xoxo, Mom and Dad

It’s my son’s MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Attention everyone!  The Time Traveler’s Wife opens everywhere tomorrow!  Yahoo!  Based upon the wonderful best-seller, the film stars Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams, AND it will be a biggy in my house because my son, Matthew, is one of the editors!!!!!!!!    Rounds of applause, please!  It was filmed in Toronto, so that meant that Matthew spent a few months last year in Canada.  Tough duty, huh?!  Then, after the shoot, they all  returned to Los Angeles, where they worked for months to get it juuusssstttt right.  When you edit, you are pulling all of the strands together —  following the outline so that you know which scenes to use (there is always a lot more shot than actually used),  putting in additional dialogue which might have to be re-recorded, putting in the musical score, putting in special effects, etc. etc. etc.  That’s what my son does, and he loves it.  Currently, if you are a reader of my blog, you know that he has been working on Jonah Hex.  I blogged about that a short while back and put up the poster for that movie, due out next year.

OK – so here’s the deal!  The first weekend is the big one for numbers on any film, so I want all of you to go to see it!  Then, write me and share your thoughts!  And, here’s a link to the official website for the film: The Time Traveler’s Wife .

*****At the end of the film, when the credits roll, look for my son.  It will be something like this:  Additional Editor…………………..Matt Diezel   !  That’s my boy!  See you all at the movies!  Enjoy!

It’s his birthday!

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

Yes, today is my son’s 38th birthday!  How can this be?  I am SOOOO young, that it just doesn’t seem possible!

Matthew was born on July 3, 1971 in Falls Church, Virginia outside of Washington, DC.  At the time, Harry was a lieutenant in the Fairfax County Fire Service, and we were living in Vienna.  My, how times have changed!  Here is a picture of him, in his patriotic garb, on his first birthday!

Just look at him now!…. well, almost now.  This was taken  nearly two years ago at a wedding reception for a close family friend.  Matthew is a BIT taller than I am!  Is he not a darlin’?!

We are immensely proud of him, and have been from the moment of his birth.   If you follow my blog, you know that he is a film editor in Hollywood, and is now engaged to Joan Kelley Bierman – the love of his life , and the absolute delight of ours!  We are fortunate to have them in our lives.

Hope everyone is having a terrific holiday.  Be safe, relax, think about our freedom and the many blessings we have, and be most grateful for family!

Check out this movie trailer!

Saturday, September 20th, 2008

Woo Hoo!  As many of you know, my son, Matthew, is a film editor in Hollywood.  He has been there twelve years, and has had some wonderful opportunities to travel, meet interesting people, and work his butt off!  Little did I realize when he began his career that he would work an average of 60-70 hours a week, many weekends, and sometimes straight through for a year without a vacation.  if you have been to see The Out-of-Towners, Paulie, The Substitute, Booty Call, Mission Impossible 2, Price of Glory, Scooby Doo, Scooby Doo 2, Catwoman, Bad Santa, The Lake House, or Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers, you will have seen some of his work, mostly as an assistant editor, and occasionally as a visual effects editor.  His effects unit won an Emmy for the Sci-Fi Channel’s Dune mini series.  Am I a proud Mom, or what?????

He completed a film over one year ago, and it will be released on October 24.  The film stars Anne Hathaway (The Devil Wears Prada) as a counselor who is working with survivors of a plane crash, and discovers more than she bargained for.   Click on Passengers, and take a look!  AND, this is the first film for him to have an additional editor’s credit – a major step forward in his career!