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Coming tomorrow, September 10th, to PFATT Marketplace!

Monday, September 9th, 2019

It has been a long while since posting on my blog, but that will change.  I’ve sorted through a lot the past few years, and now want to get back to my basics of posting pics, spreading good news, etc.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, September 10, PFATT Marketplace will have its monthly update at 10 am Pacific time, 11 am Mountain, noon Central, and 1 pm Eastern time.  I have two pieces this month, sure to please cat and dog lovers for Halloween!  Have a look!


A mouse, a bunny, a turkey – OH MY! A bumble bee buzzes along in the sky.  A pirate comes running to gather some sweets!  ‘Tis Halloween night, so get out the treats!



HALLOWEEN PUTTIN’ ON THE DAWG!…The cowboy, the sailor, the hippie, and clown all gathered together and headed for town.  The treats disappeared without leaving a trace!  We’ll find out what happened!  It’s now Sherlock’s case!



Please join us tomorrow for a lot of new artwork on PFATT Marketplace!  See you there!  Remember to refresh the page for the very latest!  And, if you want to comment, please contact me at!


Thanks for looking!  Ginny

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A brand new opportunity for me!

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

I am excited to announce that I have joined a wonderful group – Artistic Halloween Queens Uniting – AHQU, and my first piece available through them will be February 1 – just a couple of days from now!  The Queens have a Bootique – don’t you love that name?!  I will be a part of it, and will have updates the 1st of every month, and then in July, we update on the 15th as well.  Isn’t that grand?!  One  great place to find terrific Halloween art throughout the year!

I will be offering a piece I worked on last fall, called Up the Hill.  Here are a couple of pictures to stimulate your imagination!  This is a 10 x 12 mirror, the frame of which is done in a bas relief.  I have sculpted the scene onto the frame, so there is a lot of depth and detail.Hope to see you at the Bootique!  🙂  Ginny